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The Desert and The Comeback

I’m currently reading a book by Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell, and in the chapter I’m on he talks about the comeback.  We know what a comeback is, and many of us have experienced several of them during the course of our lives already. 

However, I loved how he spoke about the fact that before a comeback happens, we typically have a desert moment to humble us, to get us to that place of facing ourselves in all of our nakedness.  This isn’t a comfortable place to be, yet it’s necessary.

I’ve been in a desert place for five days, and I tell you there have been moments during this experience where I wanted to literally jump out of my skin!  But, it’s necessary for my growth and character, and today I can say it’s been a rewarding journey.   I feel like a new creature, and God is creating a new path and a new season for me.  To Him be all the glory!

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During a moment of reflection yesterday…..

This is what came to my mind: there are gems in the journey. 

I’ve been in therapy for almost a year now, and last night I started my new phase where our group processes what we’ve learned in our past group segment.  As I spoke about the revelations I’ve experienced in the past month, this statement came flowing from my lips.

No matter what direction life is taking us (or rather, what directions we’re taking), there is always a trinket of blessing, of awareness, of knowledge that presents itself.  We must come to appreciate these gems in order for us to be fueled for what God has in store for us.

Take the time to reflect on the gems in your life.  Be encouraged by what you discover.  Be blessed by what you learn.  Share the wealth with those you love and trust.


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Helpful Affirmations

Recently I began writing a series of affirmations to help me stay on task and to keep my confidence up.  However, I’ve kept them in my purse for months until yesterday, when I had some thoughts on my mind that I wanted to keep in front of me via Post-It notes.  I think this may be the way to go!

Anyways, I want to share them with you in the hopes of encouraging you where you are in your journey.  Be blessed!

  • I am a dreamer.
  • I dream big things.
  • I dream the impossible and no one can tell me otherwise!
  • I will teach my son how to dream big, too.
  • I’m courageous in my speech and character.
  • I speak with authority.
  • My yes is yes and my no is no, and I’m not afraid to say so.
  • Get to the heart of the matter, acknowledge what I feel.  It’s ok because that’s how I feel.
  • My voice is valuable.  Use it often.
  • Work with what I’ve got. 
  • Be who I’m meant to be.  Don’t be someone else.
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What Caught My Eye On Twitter…..

@HanifJWilliams Everyone that is in FRONT of YOU is NOT your leader. #Motivation #Life

This tweet almost made me shout in my cubicle this morning!   Ha, thank You for this reminder, Lord!

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What Caught My Eye On Twitter…..

@hartramsey In order 4 the #VISION 2 come 2 pass you have 2 SAY IT b4 you SEE IT. Speak life 2 it as you work on it. Your faith is key.

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Birthday Musings

A great blog post by my Twitter friend Tirani.  Reflecting on her birthday, her Birthday Musings are a must-read to remind us about the important things.

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On An Unexpected Hiatus…..

It’s been a busy few weeks for yours truly.  Traveling, my Avon business, the dance ministry and work have been on my agenda heavily, and I feel bad for not blogging on the regular.  It’s tough living the balancing act, especially the older you get.  I realized this morning how much I miss writing!

I’ll be back and up and running after next weekend, when I return back from our family vacation.  I look forward to being refreshed and ready to write full-swing.

In the meantime, I lift up prayers for your summer.  Please stay cool and hydrated, and always before the Lord’s face!

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Forgiveness is key to a freer life …..

“You’re only human.
Let’s break free of this gravity of judgment
And fly high on the wings of forgiveness.”

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What Caught My Eye On Twitter…..

@DarleneMcCoy Stop fighting grown folks battles with childish weapons….

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SHAPE Me, Lord…..(Days 30 and 31)


“We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.”  ~~ Isaiah 64:8

Before God created us, He gave each of us an assignment, a specific and unique ministry He wants us to perform.   He also planned every day of our lives to bolster His shaping process, meaning that nothing in our lives is insignificant.  After all, we’re “fearfully and wonderfully made.” (Psalm 139:14b, NIV)

Since God made us so wonderfully,  He also made sure to incorporate a combination of factors within us, identified by Pastor Rick Warren with the acrostic SHAPE:

  • Spiritual gifts
  • Heart
  • Abilities
  • Personality
  • Experience

We’ve been given a number of spiritual gifts, ranging from leadership to hospitality to encouragement and many others in between.  These gifts are to be discovered, developed and used for the benefits of others: “A spiritual gift is given to each of us as a means of helping the entire church.” (I Corinthians 12:7, NLT).  

How do you know you have a spiritual gift?  Look at what holds your interest, what you’re enthusiastic about and what comes naturally to you.

Along with our spiritual gifts comes the ability to listen to our hearts.  Our hearts hold our desires, hopes, dreams, affections and interests, and is the source of our motivations.  Our hearts reveal who we are, and sets the course for what we say, feel and act.  It helps us understand why and how we’re shaped for service.  We have to pay attention to those inner nudgings to help point us in the direction of our ministry.  It’s what makes you you; it’s those natural talents that we’re born with. 

Once we realize what they are , we’re able to apply them to the ministries they relate best to.  Me, I have the natural ability to write, sing and dance.  I use the writing skills with my blog, poetry, etc.  I enjoy singing, though sometimes I’m scared to sing.  And movement have become my passion these days, particularly with our new dance ministry at church.  Each of these abilities and the others I posess fuel one another, shaping me to become ‘my utmost for His Highest’ (the late Oswald Chambers).

In order to become our utmost for His Highest, we must realize that our natural abilities are as important and as spiritual as our spiritual gifts. The difference between the two is that the natural abilities are given to us at birth, and part of the responsibility of our churches is to help cultivate and set free these abilities for serving God.  Every ability we possess can be used by Him.  What we’re able to do, God gives us the tools to do them.

Personality is another tool used to shape our assignments.  I’m not like you, and you’re not like me, and it’s great that God made us that way.  Variety is the spice of life, and this adage is no different in the lives of His children.  He made us introverts and extroverts, thinkers and feelers, fuddy-duddies and the life of the party.  Our gifts and abilities must be in relation to our personalities as well.  We introverts don’t function well in situations that take us out of our element, and vice versa.  It totally creates tension, raises the temperment and throws us off kilter.  Never mimic another person’s ministry if you know that what they do is out of your realm. Do you.

Our experiences are also a huge catalyst in being shaped and used by the Lord, particularly our painful experiences.  These undergurd us for the specific ministries we’re naturally inclined to participate with.  And, here’s the kicker: we must be willing to share them with each other.  It’s hard to minister to another person if we’re masking the pain of losing a loved one or holding a secret.  This is tough for many of us.  I’m shuddering at the thought!  Yet, with God his strength is made perfect in weakness, giving us the strength we need to share how His grace helped us. (I Cor. 12:9, NSRV)

As you reflect on this blog entry, ask yourself this question: how can my SHAPE help my church, my family and the world around me?  Then, think on this: “What you are is God’s gift to you, what you do with yourself is your gift to God.” (Danish Proverb)

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