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How do you see life? (Day 5)

on February 28, 2012

This question prompts us to take a really hard look at what Pastor Rick Warren calls our life metaphor, that view of life that each of us holds consciously or unconsciously in our minds.  It shows in the way we dress, how we speak, or even if we have a tattoo or not (yes, I have them: six, as a matter of fact!). 

In other words, the way we see our lives shapes our lives.  T.S. Eliot says this best: “Those who trust us educate us. ” 

The Bible has three metaphors that teaches God’s views to help us understand this journey called life:

  1. Life is a test;
  2. Life is a trust; and,
  3. Life is a temporary assignment.

The statement ‘Life is a test’ usually tends to be connected to words like trials, refining and even temptation.  Each of us has experienced a trial or two, whether unsuccessfully or triumphantly.  These trials build our character, and in turn, help us solidify who we are in Him.

‘Life is a trust’ speaks about stewardship.  How we treat what God blesses us tends to show the world how we regard or disregard what’s been entrusted to us, whether that’s a house, a child or a talent.

In these first two statements, the bottom line is that the more our Lord blesses us with, He expects us to become more responsible.  When we can be trusted with the little things, we can be trusted with bigger things.


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