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Carrying my spiritual green card (Day 6)

on February 29, 2012

“Christians should carry spiritual green cards to remind us that our citizenship is in heaven.” ~ Pastor Rick Warren

Our lives are a temporary assignment, yet we act and live as if Earth is our permanent home.  Instead of isolating ourselves from the world’s attractions, we’re drawn to them and become worldly.  And, if we keep this up long enough, those who are not Christians are unable to tell what a Christian looks like. (Rom. 12:2, NIV)

Everyday is step-by-step with our Heavenly Father, and with each step I’ve got to be honest with Him, flaws and all.  “You know what, this is tough, ” I tell Him.  “I battle, I break down, I mess up, I keep messing up.   Lord, I need help!” 

Though this is a truthful prayer, does this mean things are going to get easier?  Sometimes yes, other times, NO WAY!  I’m a fan of the HBO series The Wire.  Again, what does that say about my personal struggle?

Despite the world’s allures, we must keep our eyes on the real prize.  The life that awaits us in heaven helps us realize more and more that this is a fleeting moment, a passing phase along our faith journey.  We must remember that life is a test, a trial and a temporary assignment, and that we’re preparing for something more awesome.


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