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My BFF (Day 11)

on March 10, 2012

God is my best friend.  Nothing against my family and friends; I love them dearly.  However, He KNOOOOOOOOOOWS me. 

He’s there through my rough days.  He knows my secrets.  He listens to me ramble when I’ve got questions or when I’m confused.  He dries my tears.  He celebrates my triumphs.   He gives me joy.

God desires us to make Him our best friend, or our BFF as the youngsters say.  He desires to have an intimate friendship with us, as He had Noah and Job.  He wants us to be children after His heart like David.  He wants us to walk hand in hand with Him, our relationship with Him growing closer and stronger day by day.

Where do I begin to do that?  I’m glad you asked!  The way to begin to draw nigh to God is to simply talk to Him.  Through constant conservation we draw closer to Him, sharing our innermost thoughts and feelings with Him.  This is done through carving out and spending quality time with Him, just as you do with your significant other or a hobby you enjoy.  Though it takes a moment to get the relationship going, the benefits are whew!

Another way to build this strong relationship is to meditate on His word throughout the day.  My best times with the Lord are first thing in the morning and before I go to bed at night.  I make it a point to have the word on my lips when I talk with Him, and in my heart as I read it.  We get to know God best through His word by having a heart like fertile soil.

Once your heart is made ready, you’ll experience God in such an intimate relationship that will fulfill you in ways beyond your earthly ones.  Rev. Kim Burrell says it best in Sweeter, her love song to the Lord:

Every day is sweeter, sweeter than the day before
Every day’s sweeter, learning how to love you more
Every day is sweeter, sweeter than the day before
Every day is sweeter

Everyday with God is a sweet day.  Become the apple of His eye, watch your transform, be in complete awe like me.


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