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“Never doubt in the dark what God told you in the light…..” (Day 14)

on March 15, 2012

The above quote by V. Raymond Edman speaks volumes to me today.  There are times when God seems a million miles away, and this message reminds me to hold on to what the Lord has shared with me, spoke to me about and shown me in the past. 

The moments we spend with Him are precious, but what about the moments when He’s far away?  You call His name and He doesn’t answer, then what?  It’s in these times that we think back to when God was ever-present, when we heard His voice, felt His presence.  It’s tough to praise the Lord when we can’t feel him.  That’s why we can’t depend on feelings; faith is what’s being build in these moments.

Last summer I experienced sinus-induced vertigo.  That was the toughest few months of my life in recent years.  It started in mid-June and I had no idea what was going on with my body.  All I knew was something wasn’t right.  I thought it was my blood pressure medicine reaking havoc.  My eating and sleeping were totally off, and on top of this, my faith began to waver.  My Lord was nowhere to be found; He was M.I.A.  Not cool!

Several weeks passed by.  I saw my primary doctor, had blood drawn, saw a few more doctors.  One doctor diagnosed it as a sinus infection.  My allergist told me I’m only allergic to histamine, so no dice there, or so I thought.  For a while, no one could pin-point what was going on. 

During this time, I consulted one of my Christian sisters on a bi-weekly basis.  She listened to me rant and prayed for me.  Though God seemed to be far off, He used her to remind me to saturate myself in the Word, speak the Word over myself and stay in my prayer closet.  One of my co-workers was another person God sent to me in this season, recommending some of the same things my Christian sister said to do, along with few additional things such as anointing our home to clear any evil spirits that tried to hang around.  That’s why we have to be careful who and what we associate ourselves with, and who we let inside our homes.  Another subject for another time!

A few weeks later my primary doctor referred me to a neurologist, who gave me the final diagnosis.  It’s amazing that my sinuses, coupled with the heat of the summer and the stress of worrying about my health caused this disruption to my life.  Or was it God in His infinite wisdom strengthening our relationship?  The proof was laid upon my heart a week after my diagnosis: “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:9a, NIV)

Today our relationship is stronger than before the illness.  I continue to absorb the Word like a sponge on a daily basis.  I anoint our home every few months to ward off spirits that don’t belong here.  I speak the Word over myself to keep me connected with the Divine.  And praise the Lord, the bouts of vertigo are few and far between!  I’ve since educated a number of people who suffer from sinus issues.  I now know how to recognize the causes (barometric pressure changes, increase in histamine) and how to starve them as best as possible (the Word, prayer, ibuprofen, water).

If you’re in a season of drought, I join you in prayer.  This isn’t a time to sulk; in fact, sulk to Him in prayer.  Today is the time to grow your faith.  Be encouraged!


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