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Building Community and Camaraderie (Day 19)

on April 1, 2012

When we experience friendship and fellowship, community and camaderie are the key components.  It’s cultivated with the choices we make in who we trust, coupled with God’s power.  The Apostle Paul said, “You are joined together with peace through the Spirit, so make every effort to continue together in this way.” (Ephesians 4:3, NCV). 

However, some of us grew up in relationships that weren’t always fruitful or peaceful, and it’s tough to develop real relationships without looking over our shoulders.  It’s when we become new creatures in Christ that He teaches us how to engage in true fellowship.  The way we do this is: 

  • Cultivate honesty – it’s ok to “keep things real” when we have a safe place to express ourselves.
  • Be humble – have a humble attitude, think more about others than ourselves.
  • Be courteous – respect our differences, be considerate of other’s feelings and be patient with those who bug and irritate us (a tough one, I know!).
  • Develop confidentiality – build trust with each other, protect each other’s privacy, eliminate gossip.
  • Invest time, frequency – relationships take time, so develop fruitful and positive habits of investing time in others.  

These components take a huge leap of faith, yet the benefits will always outweigh the risk.  “We understand what love is when we realize that Christ gave his life for us.  That means we must give our lives for other believers.” (I John 3:16, GWT)


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