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Grow Up Already! (Day 23)

on April 15, 2012

Spiritual growth is what we go through as God’s children.  The Word tells us that “God wants us to grow up…like Christ in everything,” (Ephesians 4:15a, Msg) and “We are not meant to remain as children.” (Ephesians 4:14a, Ph).  Sounds like a harsh command, doesn’t it?  Let’s reflect on it for a moment…..

Our Father’s goal is for us to mature and develop like Christ.  There are many people who stay stuck in proverbial diapers, sucking on bottles and eating baby food.  Sure, they grow older, but never mature to solid food – the Word.  They don’t take the time to develop a relationship with God and know not what their divinely appointed purpose is.  They have no intention of growing, and frankly don’t want to.  They’re content with being spiritual babes.  However, just like in life babies grow up to become toddlers and so on, we do the same thing in our faith journeys.  It takes us making the commitment to become disciples to begin our growth process.

Discipleship is a two-way street, though.  We must be ready to shed old thoughts and routines in order to develop new habits and ways of living.  We work out our faith as God works in us.  Spiritual growth is a collaborative effort between us and the Holy Spirit.  We must be open in mind, heart and soul to engage in this metamorphosis, gradually growing in grace and character. 

Again, let’s not get tripped up about who we are as Christians.  Being a Christian is about relationship and lifestyle, not religion and rigidity.  It’s not about how much scripture you have in you, but rather, what and how you apply scripture to your life and actions.  It’s far more than following the rules, rather, how we conduct ourselves in all arenas of life.  Let’s keep moving toward spiritual maturity daily: “let God tranform you inwardly by a complete change of your mind.  Then you will be able to know the will of God – what is good and is pleasing to him and is perfect.” (Romans 12:2b, TEV)


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