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Ouch, That Hurts! (Day 24)

on April 17, 2012

The truth hurts.  It cuts, it stings, and it’s relentless.  Being transformed by the truth is a heavy-duty process, and yet, it’s ever so needed for us to grow and progress.  I’m cringing as I write this blog because since finishing the chapter yesterday, I’ve been on a mini-emotional rollercoaster.bandages ...

You see, there are things I’ve been through, some beyond my control and some not.  I believe God used this chapter and a prayer I whispered late last week to help me begin unpacking experiences, unearthing suppressed feelings and purging unhealthy mindsets.  Part of the sanctification process is the revelation of who we really are, which also includes reaffirming the security of knowing whose we are.  When God speaks to us through His Spirit, things must change in order to fulfill His purpose, no matter how uncomfortable it is or how it makes us say “Really, Lord?!”

Despite me wanting to wiggle out of these moments, the truth is.  I know that sounds a tad bit weird, but hear me out.  The Holy Spirit uses God’s Word to aid us with our transformation.  After all, if we’re to develop the mind of Christ, we need His Word to be filled, right?  It’s our bread, our sustenance, the source of our maturity. 

Though I may be slender as a rail, I still enjoy a good meal.  It must be filling and satisfying to my pallet.  That’s how the Lord wants us to feel about the Bible.  The Apostle Peter said of this: “Crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation.” (I Peter 2:2, NIV)  It’s not enough to simply read the Word; we MUST become doers of the Word also.  The Word is the truth God wants us to live by.  We must abide in it, accept it, be receptive to it and apply its principles.

Right now God is blessing me with the courage to unpack my baggage, review each piece and talk about it.  Certain scriptures come to me in relation to some of the items, and the revelations are nothing but short of amazing!  What is God telling you to do or showing you in a vision?  Have you taken the first step?  Take the time to pray, allow the Holy Spirit to lead the way and be absolutely blown away.


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