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on April 21, 2012

@TheCubicleChick You can’t be looking at other bloggers and getting jealous. Get your perspective and keep it. Worry about you. Not the Jonses.


Since I started fortydaysojourn a couple of months ago, I’ve been truly blessed.  This has been a beautiful journey.  For a while I could tell my writing skills were waning, and fortydaysojourn has been a wonderful avenue for me to rebuild my confidence.  I truly enjoy expressing myself through the cyber-pen.  I feel more alive spiritually, too.  What a great and unexpected bonus!

Yet, hateration kicks in when I look at other blogs, especially from people I know and admire.  She is a green-eyed monster!  Their blogs have bold colors, great content, and LOTS OF TRAFFIC!   Then I come back to my little blog and give it a proverbial boo hiss.  

That’s the moment when God has to put me in check to remind me that it’s not about trying to be somebody else; but rather, it’s about His purpose for me through fortydaysojourn.  Quality, not quantity.  I’ve shared my entries with a number of family members, friends and colleagues, and received great feedback.  That’s what matters most.

Plus, when it’s all said and done, fortydaysojourn is the place where I retreat, kick back and do my thing.  Everybody needs a place to do that.   I always keep the door open for anyone to stop by, check me out and hopefully stay a while.  And if they decide to lurk, that’s cool, too.


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