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Helpful Affirmations

Recently I began writing a series of affirmations to help me stay on task and to keep my confidence up.  However, I’ve kept them in my purse for months until yesterday, when I had some thoughts on my mind that I wanted to keep in front of me via Post-It notes.  I think this may be the way to go!

Anyways, I want to share them with you in the hopes of encouraging you where you are in your journey.  Be blessed!

  • I am a dreamer.
  • I dream big things.
  • I dream the impossible and no one can tell me otherwise!
  • I will teach my son how to dream big, too.
  • I’m courageous in my speech and character.
  • I speak with authority.
  • My yes is yes and my no is no, and I’m not afraid to say so.
  • Get to the heart of the matter, acknowledge what I feel.  It’s ok because that’s how I feel.
  • My voice is valuable.  Use it often.
  • Work with what I’ve got. 
  • Be who I’m meant to be.  Don’t be someone else.
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What Caught My Eye On Twitter…..

@HanifJWilliams Everyone that is in FRONT of YOU is NOT your leader. #Motivation #Life

This tweet almost made me shout in my cubicle this morning!   Ha, thank You for this reminder, Lord!

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What Caught My Eye On Twitter…..

@hartramsey In order 4 the #VISION 2 come 2 pass you have 2 SAY IT b4 you SEE IT. Speak life 2 it as you work on it. Your faith is key.

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Birthday Musings

A great blog post by my Twitter friend Tirani.  Reflecting on her birthday, her Birthday Musings are a must-read to remind us about the important things.

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On An Unexpected Hiatus…..

It’s been a busy few weeks for yours truly.  Traveling, my Avon business, the dance ministry and work have been on my agenda heavily, and I feel bad for not blogging on the regular.  It’s tough living the balancing act, especially the older you get.  I realized this morning how much I miss writing!

I’ll be back and up and running after next weekend, when I return back from our family vacation.  I look forward to being refreshed and ready to write full-swing.

In the meantime, I lift up prayers for your summer.  Please stay cool and hydrated, and always before the Lord’s face!

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