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The Desert and The Comeback

I’m currently reading a book by Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell, and in the chapter I’m on he talks about the comeback.  We know what a comeback is, and many of us have experienced several of them during the course of our lives already. 

However, I loved how he spoke about the fact that before a comeback happens, we typically have a desert moment to humble us, to get us to that place of facing ourselves in all of our nakedness.  This isn’t a comfortable place to be, yet it’s necessary.

I’ve been in a desert place for five days, and I tell you there have been moments during this experience where I wanted to literally jump out of my skin!  But, it’s necessary for my growth and character, and today I can say it’s been a rewarding journey.   I feel like a new creature, and God is creating a new path and a new season for me.  To Him be all the glory!

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During a moment of reflection yesterday…..

This is what came to my mind: there are gems in the journey. 

I’ve been in therapy for almost a year now, and last night I started my new phase where our group processes what we’ve learned in our past group segment.  As I spoke about the revelations I’ve experienced in the past month, this statement came flowing from my lips.

No matter what direction life is taking us (or rather, what directions we’re taking), there is always a trinket of blessing, of awareness, of knowledge that presents itself.  We must come to appreciate these gems in order for us to be fueled for what God has in store for us.

Take the time to reflect on the gems in your life.  Be encouraged by what you discover.  Be blessed by what you learn.  Share the wealth with those you love and trust.


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