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The Desert and The Comeback

on August 8, 2012

I’m currently reading a book by Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell, and in the chapter I’m on he talks about the comeback.  We know what a comeback is, and many of us have experienced several of them during the course of our lives already. 

However, I loved how he spoke about the fact that before a comeback happens, we typically have a desert moment to humble us, to get us to that place of facing ourselves in all of our nakedness.  This isn’t a comfortable place to be, yet it’s necessary.

I’ve been in a desert place for five days, and I tell you there have been moments during this experience where I wanted to literally jump out of my skin!  But, it’s necessary for my growth and character, and today I can say it’s been a rewarding journey.   I feel like a new creature, and God is creating a new path and a new season for me.  To Him be all the glory!


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